Notarial acts

Acts most frequently performed by the notary include:


Drawing up of notarial deeds

Drawing up of notarial deeds, e.g. agreements for the sale of land and other real property, gift agreements, declarations on submission to enforcement pursuant to art. 777 of the code of civil procedure, declarations of establishment of mortgages and easements, agreements for the establishment of separate ownership of premises, acts of formation of companies. Services performed by the notary also include drawing up of power of attorney documents required for the above acts,


Drawing up of deed of succession certifications

Drawing up of deed of succession certifications, which after they have been registered by the notary with the Probate Court, have the same legal effect as final and absolute judicial decision issued by a court on the confirmation of acquisition of the inheritance estate,


Attestations and certifications

Attestations and certifications, e.g. certification of signatures on documents which require a form of document with signatures certified by the notary,


Preparing protocols

Preparing protocols of meetings of various types of legal entities, e.g. general meetings of companies, meetings of residential cooperatives


Drawing up of official copies of documents as well as excerpts from documents

Drawing up of official copies of documents as well as excerpts from documents.