My mom would like to give me the power of attorney to sell her apartment. What do we need to prepare, do both of us need to be present at the office personally, is it possible to arrange everything online?

Let me answer your last question first.

In the notary’s office formalities are taken care of personally. Therefore a person who intends to perform an act in the notary’s office needs to visit our offices. In the cases related to granting the power of attorney, it is necessary for a person who intends to grant the power of attorney to appear in our office (i.e. the principal). However the presence of the attorney, i.e. a person to whom the power of attorney is granted, is not required.

Information that will be needed in such case include:

  • personal details of the principal
  • personal details of the attorney
  • information about the apartment which is the subject matter of the transaction (ideally supported by a document describing the legal status of the apartment).

This information may be provided by e-mail or during the meeting preceding the discussion about the act.

Next, a draft notarial deed is drawn up, the date of signing is scheduled, the principal visits our office at the agreed date, the deed is read out by the notary, the deed is corrected, supplemented if needed, and signed.

The original document of the notarial deed is kept in the notary’s office, the client receives the official copies thereof in the number as requested.

The cost of performance of the act (notary’s fee + VAT + official copies) varies depending on the scope and length of the document, however in such cases usually amounts to approx. 130 -150 zlotys.

Several years ago in your Notary’s Office I entered into a marital property agreement with my wife. I now need an additional copy. How can I get it?
Please contact us by phone and provide your name, surname and deed’s registration number [repertorium] and if possible the approximate date when you performed the notarial act (e.g. approx. period of time). This information will enable us to locate your notarial deed and prepare additional official copy. Depending on the length of the deed, the cost of the official copy may vary (applicable rate is PLN 7.38 per page of the document) – usually we will be able to inform you about the costs on the phone. In order to collect the official copy, you will need to visit our office in person. Please note that the official copy of a notarial deed may be issued to the person who performed the act. That is why when collecting the official copy of the notarial deed we would ask you have your ID with you – when issuing the official copy to a person, we need to establish his/her identity and authority to collect the deed.
My mother who is sick would like to prepare her last will and testament in the form of a notarial deed. As she has problems with walking, she gave me a written power of attorney so that I prepare such a will in your notary’s office. How can we schedule our appointment to sign the will?
It is not possible to prepare the Last Will and Testament through an attorney. It is one of the few legal acts that cannot be performed through a third party. If a person who intends to sign a Will is not able to visit our offices in person (e.g. he/she is ill and bedridden, or stays in a care home), you will need to contact the notary’s offices located close to the place of stay of such person and schedule notary’s visit to the client. This is the so-called act performed outside the office. In such case the notary will charge an additional fee for his/her trip to the client, and the amount thereof will depend on how long will the notary be outside his/her office.